KARH Vibrations

The Kentucky Association of Residence Halls (KARH) is a student led state organization that works to improve the lives of students that live on-campus by providing development opportunities for student leaders in Campus Housing. The student leaders who KARH represents include those in the Resident Student Association (RSA), the National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH), and Resident Assistant Leaders.

Each year, KARH hosts an annual conference and the University of Louisville hosted the conference this past February. Professional staff, graduate staff, and student staff in Campus Housing were all a part of making the KARH conference a huge success here at the University of Louisville. With the support from Campus Housing and our sponsors, we were able to host over one hundred students and advisors from nine different institutions across the state.

The delegation from the University of Louisville Resident Student Association (RSA) also had great success at KARH! We have two students who were elected to the state board of KARH, Nicholas DiLuca and Sarah Rohleder! In the spirit competition, the RSA won best banner (pictured below). Our NRHH chapter won Recognition Chapter of the Year and the Campus Housing signature program Tunnel of Oppression was awarded the Program of the Year. Lastly, Evan Keil was awarded Advisor of the Year. These awards and appointments show the dedication and passion of our students and staff here at the University of Louisville to the students that we serve.

In all, the students from across the state had a wonderful time at the KARH 2016 Conference hosted by the University of Louisville! They took full advantage of the opportunity to learn, grow, and develop their skills as leaders in order to better serve their campuses. This experience was possible because of the dedication of the KARH 2016 Conference team and we cannot thank them enough for their contribution to the development of the student leaders throughout the Commonwealth.

Submitted by Evan Keil, University of Louisville



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